Kenyans React To Ugali Making Device [VIDEO]

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In another attempt by technology to remain abreast with modern life, a device has been put out to save you the trouble of making ugali.

Ugali making has not been the easiest of recipes to prepare, from waiting for water to boil to the vigorous process turning the white delicacy around to ensure it cooks evenly; all that delegated to a machine.

Of course, the idea has been greeted by great skepticism on whether or not it will produce the quality of ugali that we have come to know and love. On the other hand, it has been greeted well by bachelors whose greatest problem in life has been the preparation of this meal.

Kenyans on twitter have gone off the rails with reactions around this device that vary from hilarious to skeptical and everything in between. Here are a few reactions that we were able to get:

However way we look at it, the device is here and we have a video of it doing its thing:

Feature Image Courtesy: Gadgets-Africa



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