Meet The Woman Behind Kenya’s First Digital Car Insurance Company

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Jihan Abass may not be a name that is instantly recognizable, but this young woman has already made history. The 26-year old is the founder of Griffin Insurance, which is Kenya’s first digital car insurance company. The company was formed in 2016 and seeks to revolutionize the way car insurance and the processing of claims is done in Kenya. This is all done through a mobile app that allows you to buy your insurance policy in less than two minutes.


Digital Car Insurance Kenya Jihan Abass

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The idea of digital insurance first came to Jihan Abass years ago when she realized that her waiter did not have health insurance. Like most Kenyans, getting access to quality health insurance is a very lengthy and expensive process. By coming up with digital insurance, she hoped to make the process simpler and more accessible to a majority of Kenyans. In addition, digital insurance drives down the cost of all forms of insurance and ensures that there’s transparency in all the processes.


At the start of Griffin Insurance, Jihan Abass and her team decided to focus on car insurance. Through the app, they came up with a system that would allow anyone’s claims to be processed in a week. The current industry standard in Kenya is 30 days or more for claims settlements. In addition, the Griffin car insurance app has digitized the entire process of selling insurance, thereby making it faster, easier and cheaper. Customers will also be able to pause, upgrade or downgrade their policy from the app. Moreover, the app has an emergency button that allows customers to call for ambulances, towing trucks and other emergency services whenever needed.


Digital Car Insurance Kenya Jihan Abass

Courtesy: Reuters


Jihan Abass is an Oxford University graduate with a Masters of Business Administration – MBA. She is also the founder of Lami Insurtech on which the Griffin digital car insurance policy runs. She also sells the Lami technology to other companies to help them get things done more efficiently and reach more people.


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