Algerian Man Tries To Swim To Australia After Visa Expires

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If you were going from Nairobi to Uganda, how would you travel? By road? On a plane?  How about water?  That’s roughly the same distance that an Algerian man swam trying to get to Australia after his visa expired.


Algerian Man Australia Swimming


Abdul Rahman was a desperate man after his tourist visa expired at the end of 2019 in East Timor. In addition, he had used up all of his money and couldn’t be  Instead of going back home, he decided to take another route instead. That’s when he jumped into the ocean and started swimming to Australia, which was 570kms away.


Algerian Man Australia Swimming


However, the unpredictable ocean currents dragged the Algerian man around in circles. By the time he was rescued, he was in Indonesia. Fishermen found him dehydrated, very weak and near death. Fortunately, Abdul was quickly rushed to the local hospital.


According to reports, the Algerian man is not the first person to try to get to Australia by any means necessary. Many desperate immigrants try to swim to Australia, with Indonesia as a resting spot in between. However, many like the Algerian man never make it and are sent back to their home countries.






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