Rare Migratory Bird That Flew 6500+ KM Dies In KWS Hands

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The rare Osprey bird that flew 6,947.5 km to Kenya has died.

The migratory bird is believed to have flown from eastern Finland and landed in Usalu Village, Siaya County.

The death of the bird was announced by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) only days after it’s rescued on January 20, 2020.

“We regret to announce the death of the rescued migratory Osprey bird despite all efforts to rehabilitate and eventually release it back into the wild. The four-year-old bird of prey died at the weekend while under the care of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) veterinarians and a KWS-licensed Raptor Rehabilitation Centre in Karen, Nairobi,” read a statement from the KWS.



A post-mortem carried out on the four-year-old bird indicated that bird succumbed to long term starvation that consequently led to systematic organ failure that caused the bird’s death.

The bird that was captured in Siaya was first transported to the KWS Veterinary Department in Nairobi and later transferred to the Raptor Rehabilitation Centre.

The statement further went on to indicate that, “By the time the bird was delivered to the city, it had been severely dehydrated, weak and emaciated from the long flight and minor injuries while trapped by the fishing net. It weighed 950g against the normal range of 1.3-1.8kg weight of an adult osprey.”





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