Could This Be Nairobi’s Coolest Barbershop?

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State barbershop in Umoja is not your ordinary barbershop. From outside, you would think the shop is a bus waiting to pick people up from the bus stop. Complete with headlights, side mirrors, and wheels.

The establishment is a brainchild of  John Maina Maingi and his sister Sally Maingi.

Sally Mwangi, who had been a director for Umoineer Sacco for a while before going into this line of business, came up with the idea as a celebration of Kenya’s vibrant matatu culture.



“The artistic concept has been a great way to remain afloat despite the sector’s stiff competition,” said John when asked what has kept the business afloat this far.

State Barbershop has now been in operation for three years. Over this period of time, the brand has gained and retaines a large and loyal client base.

Their business and customer service model is client-focused in that once a customer visits the establishment, they are offered an array of bitings as they wait for their time with the barbers.

Other services offered in the beautifully styled barbershop include manicures and pedicures.





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