Kenyan Events Starter Pack: 5 Essentials You Need

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When going to Kenyan events , you know you’re guaranteed three things- good food and drink, amazing people, and a great time. Is there a way to make it better, though? Yes, as long as you don’t leave these behind at Kenyan events.



This one’s obvious! You’ll need money for transport, food and any other thing that may come up. In addition, some Kenyan events may require you to pay at the gate before you get in so you should stay ready. Try to have a general idea of the amount of money you’ll need and carry only that. Also remember to split bills whenever possible to save some money.


Kenyan Events Starter Pack: 5 Essentials You Need



This will depend on the kind of Kenyan events you’re attending and how safe they’ll be. Phones, laptops and cameras are very easy to lose, especially when you’re having fun and not being very careful. If safety is not guaranteed, leave your expensive electronics at home and carry a kabambe phone instead.


Comfort wear

While you  can dress however you feel like, keep in mind where you are going and how long you plan to stay. If the event will last the whole night , make sure you wear something comfortable and warm so that the cold doesn’t make you sick.


Kenyan Events Starter Pack: 5 Essentials You Need



These are Kenyan events, so of course there will be alcohol involved! It’s okay to drink as much as you want, but you’ll need to pace yourself so that you keep enjoying yourself. Have some water nearby to take sips of as the alcohol runs through your system. This way you’ll be able to avoid a killer hangover the next day.



You need to know how you’re getting to and leaving these Kenyan events before you leave your house. If you have to rely on other people for transport, then make sure that you plan for when you’re all leaving so that you’re not left stranded. After that, you can now enjoy yourself with no worries. 




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