Are Kenyans Really Second At English Proficiency In Africa? [VIDEO COMPLATION]

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This week Kenyans were greeted by the amazing news of ‘The English Proficiency Index (EPI)’ by a Switzerland-based company. The report ranked Kenya second after South Africa in English proficiency.

Among the countries that made it to the top included: Nigeria (29), Ethiopia (63), Tunisia (65), Egypt (77), Cameroon (83), Sudan (87), Algeria (90), Ivory Coast (96) and Libya (100).

As per the report, in terms of cities, Nairobi was ranked number one in Africa followed by Lagos.

The ranking was based on English proficiency tests done by a sample of adults in countries that participated.

However, this report has left a lot of questions in the minds of Kenyans especially considering how the Queen’s language has been butchered from time to time by our very own countrymen.

The following is a compilation of times Kenyans have butchered the Queen’s language on camera. Ain’t we all glad that none of them was taken as a sample for the proficiency test.

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