Dating Hacks In Nairobi That You Definitely Need To Try

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Finding love is something that all of us long for, though it’s never easy. In Nairobi alone, love comes in many forms and it can find you anywhere. In a mat, at school, on social media, in church…. Apart from worrying about posting your person’s picture online and finding out that you’re sharing them with others, dating is something most people find scary. So how can you make things move as smoothly as possible? Here are some dating hacks in Nairobi to try. 


Before The Date

Just because someone has agreed to go out with you doesn’t mean that you should stop making an effort. Why not try some old school charm instead? Show them that you’re thinking of them by getting them a gift. If they love flowers, you can have them delivered to their workplace or at home. A handmade bouquet of flowers in Nairobi goes for between Kshs 2,000 – 6,000 depending on how elaborate you want it to be. Some flower delivery shops like Ythera give you the option of including chocolates and wine to your order.


Dating Hacks Nairobi


During The Date

The dating game can usually be very tricky, so you need to bring your A-game during the date. When it comes to dating in Nairobi, there are countless places and things to do to choose from. From simple coffee dates, to complicated dinner dates, to museum and art dates, to activity-based dates and everything in between, the Nairobi dating scene is limitless. As much as you want to know all about your date, there are ways of doing that without sounding like a teacher or potential boss during the date. Ulizaliwa wapi? Ulisomea wapi? Mko wangapi kwenu? Unaishi wapi? The getting-to-know-you portion of a date can feel like a job interview sometimes, but it’s really not. Keep your questions light, and let your date’s answers guide you on what to ask next. This will not only show that you’re listening to them, but will also set the right mood for your date. 


After The Date

It’s very easy to know if your date went well or not based on the body language. A good date in Nairobi is where your partner smiles and maintains eye contact with you. In addition, their body will be turned towards you as you talk and they’ll look for random reasons to touch you. If the date didn’t go so well, it’s time to get back on Tunda! The invention of the Tunda app has now made finding love interests easier than ever. Before that, you’d have to meet potential dates the old-fashioned way – by actually running into them. This process was usually very slow and tedious, and you never really knew what kind of person they were before. With Tunda, you can meet multiple dates at once. You can also use the dating app to talk to and vet everyone you match with, so that you eventually go on dates with people you already like. This way you can get a love connection as quickly as possible. 


Nairobi Dating Hacks

Don’t force it

Not every date will work out, and that’s okay! If you feel like there’s something off or you’re not getting what you want, just step away and try again. Dating in Nairobi is about exploring and having fun, and you may not find what you’re looking for immediately. Just get up, dust yourself off and use that dating app to find another match. Hii kitu haitaki makasiriko! 


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