Kenyan Lady Gets More Than She Bargained For From Internet Strangers

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Lucy Gatimu, a mother of three, earns a living by doing people’s laundry for pay. Through this has captured the hearts of netizens who give her work.

However, yesterday Lucy fell victim of online bullying.

It all started when one Twitter user @OsamaOtero took to his account urging his followers to take it upon themselves to help less privileged children with school necessities whenever possible.

The seemingly sensible tweep further went on to tell his followers to take some money from their drinking budgets to help someone in need.

Lucy then took to the comment section where she wrote, “Start with me niko na my two girls wako shule na I need extra uniform niache kufua kila siku.”



Otero then took a cold tackle at Lucy, asking her to sell the phone she was using to tweet and buy the kids the spare uniform, then buy a cheaper phone with the balance.

This and consequent comments from @OsamaOtero angered a section of twitter users who castigated his actions.

Following the online bullying incident, KOT stepped up and decided to help Lucy. What started as a simple funds drive for her children’s uniform, raised a sum large enough to sustain Lucy and her daughters for days to come.




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