5 Festivals In Kenya To Look Forward To In 2020

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Let’s agree on one thing – Kenya is beautiful! Not only that, you’ll always get something new to do and see every time you visit Kenya. So if you’re looking for another reason to travel to Kenya in 2020, come and check out these festivals.

Lamu Yoga Festival


Festivals Kenya 2020

Courtesy: Lamu Yoga


If you’ve never been to Lamu Island, then this is one of the festivals in Kenya you should definitely attend this year. Now in its seventh year, Lamu is the perfect destination for a massive yoga festival featuring more than 150 yoga classes and more than 25 teachers. In addition, you’ll get to enjoy Swahili culture and all that Lamu has to offer.

Dates: 4-8 March 2020

Location: Shela, Lamu town and Manda Island

Ticket Prices: Kshs 14,000 – covers festival present and classes & workshops

                                                     Kshs 17,500 – covers festival present, classes & workshops, Swahili dinner and sunset dhow sail



Nairobi Food Festival


Festivals Kenya 2020

Courtesy: Nairobi Food Festival


For the food lovers in Nairobi, this festival promises to be a delicious treat for all ages! Apart from just food, attendees will also enjoy great entertainment, amazing company and fun games.

Dates: 7 March 2020

Location: Two Rivers Mall

Ticket Prices: Kshs 999 – adult, Kshs 4,999 – group of 6, Kshs 9,999 – group of 12



The Matatu Festival


Kenya Festivals 2020

Courtesy: Matatu Festival


Matatu culture is a huge part of what makes Kenya what it is today. The Matatu Festival seeks to bring people together to celebrate that culture, as well as recognize the best in the matatu industry.

Dates: 26 April 2020

Location: Uhuru Gardens

Ticket Prices: Kshs 700 – advance ticket, Kshs 3,000 – squad of 5, Kshs 5,000 – squad of 10



Maralal International Camel Derby


Kenya Festivals 2020

Courtesy: Magical Kenya


This is one of the most well-known festivals in Kenya that brings together people from all over the world. It involves camel racing, cycling, as well as first hand experiences of Samburu culture and traditions.

Dates: August 2020 (exact dates to be announced)

Location: Maralal Town, Samburu County

Ticket Prices: TBD



The Rusinga Cultural Festival


Kenya Festivals 2020

Courtesy: Kenyatalii


Once a year, Rusinga Island comes alive for one of the biggest cultural festivals in Kenya. This festival showcases the culture of the Suba people, as well as the beauty of and different activities on the island.

Dates: December 2020 (dates to be confirmed)

Location: Rusinga Island

Ticket Prices: TBD



Featured Image Courtesy: TravelLocal



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