Here Is How Much You’ll Pay At These Top Nairobi Gyms

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We are one month down into the new year. If fitness was among your top resolutions this year then you still have time to actualize that.

Should you want to fit some workout into your busy daily schedule then this is where to begin.

In this article, we look at top gyms in Nairobi, the packages they offer and the charges:

Alpha Fit

Monthly Subscription: Ksh. 7000/=

Group Classes with Trainers + Unlimited Gym Use: Ksh 10,000/= (Group classes include Kickboxing, yoga, bootcamp, dance among others)

Located at Jamhuri Woodley, Nairobi

Courtesy: Alpha Fit ltd

Racing Sports Gym Westlands

Individual Monthly Subscription (Anytime gym attendance) Ksh. 6150/=

Offpeak Individual option (Attendance between 9am-3pm) Ksh. 5300/=

Location: Parklands – Valley View Office Park – City Park Drive – Tower A


Courtesy: one2one

Smart Gym Junction

Individual Monthly packaging: Ksh. 3000/=

Quarterly Subscription: Ksh.10,500/=

Semi-Annual Subscription: Ksh. 18,000/=

Annual Subscription: Ksh. 36,000/=

+ Joining Fee of Ksh. 1000/=

Location: Junction Mall, Nairobi


Caption: Smart Gym Ltd

The Colosseum Fitness Centre

Daily Charge per session: Ksh. 500 (per session)
12 sessions per month: Ksh. 4,000
Monthly gym subscription: Ksh. 5,000

Muay Thai + Personal Training

Ksh 2,500 (per session)

Ksh 15,000 (8 sessions per month)

Ksh 20,000 (12 sessions per month)

Pole Dancing (private classes)

KSH3,000 (per session)
KSh7,000 (4 sessions per month)
KSh12,000 (8 sessions per month)
KSh15,000 (12 sessions per month)
KSh25,000 (20 sessions per month)

Location: Adams Arcade, Ngong Road Nairobi, Kenya


Courtesy: One2one

Wentworth Gym

Individual Monthly Subscription: Ksh. 8,000/=

Individual Quarterly Subscription: Ksh. 21,000/=

Individual Semi-Annual Subscription: Ksh. 40,000/=

Individual Annual Subscription: Ksh. 60,000/=

Inclusive of access to steam and sauna, trainer and aerobics.

Location: Kileleshwa Opposite Kasuku Centre



Kings Gym and Spa

Individual Daily Subscription: Ksh. 2000/=

Individual Monthly Subscription: Ksh. 15000/=

Individual Quarterly Subscription: Ksh. 40,000/=

Individual Semi-Annual Subscription: Ksh. 70,000/=

Individual Annual Subscription: Ksh. 110,000/=

These charges are inclusive of trainers, access to steam rooms and pool, and towels and lockers.

Location: Rhapta Road, Nairobi


Courtesy: One2One

Savannah Fitness Exchange

Individual Monthly Subscription: Ksh. 6,500/=

Individual Quarterly Subscription: Ksh. 17,550/=

Individual Semi-Annual Subscription: Ksh. 35,100/=

Individual Annual Subscription: Ksh.70,200/=

Location: Vienna Court, State House Rd



MOM3NTUM Fitness

Individual Monthly Subscription: Ksh. 10,000/=

Class pass Ksh. 1,500 per session: Yoga, Boxing, and Aerobics.







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