Here’s Where To Get A Massage In Nairobi [Inclusive Of Charges]

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Let’s be frank, Njaanuary is over and bank accounts are loaded. So before the locust invasion gets to Nairobi this is the perfect time to treat yourself like the king or queen you are.

What better way to give yourself that taste of royalty than to take yourself to a spa for a massage.

Which spa? You ask. Well, don’t worry in this article we look at a list of top Nairobi Spas and how much they charge for that session your body has been dying for:

Illusion Spa (Azure Hotel)

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage: Ksh. 1,500/= for 30 Minutes

Foot Pressure Massage: Ksh. 1,500/= for 30 Minutes

Quick Fix Massage: Ksh. 2,500/= for 30 Minutes

Reflexology: Ksh. 3,000/= for 30 Minutes

Swedish Massage: Ksh. 4,000/= for 1 Hour

Thai Ancient and Sports Massage: Ksh. 4500 for 1 Hour

Deep Tissue Massage: Ksh. 4,500 for 1 Hour

Four Hands Tandem Massage: Ksh. 7,500 for 1 Hour

Aromatherapy Massage: Ksh. 5,000 for 1 Hour

Couple’s Massage: Ksh. 8,000 for 1 Hour

Hot Stone Massage: Ksh. 7,500 for 1Hour 30 Minutes

Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage: Ksh. 10,000 for I Hour 30 Minutes

Herbal Compress Massage: Ksh. 8,000/= for I hour 15 Minutes

Soy Handle Massage: Ksh. 7,000 for 1 Hour

Nurturing Massage For Mother to Be: Ksh. 4,000 for 1 Hour

Location: Rivaan Centre, 2nd Floor Muguga Green Drive Off Brookside Groove.

                     Azure Hotel, Azure Towers @nd Floor Lantana Road.

                     Lotus Plaza, 4th Floor Chiromo Lane.

Aromatics Spa

Packages offered include:

The Journey: In this package you get; welcome wellness tea, foot ritual, body scrub, body mask, luminescence facial, rebalancing massage, and an optional: steam room or hydro pool: Ksh. 18,500/=

The Ritual: In this package, you get; welcome wellness tea, foot ritual, body scrub, body mask, and rebalancing massage: Ksh 14,000/=

The Touch Therapy: The welcome wellness tea, foot ritual, and rebalancing massage: Ksh. 6,000/=

Location: 101 Manyani East Road, Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.

Saffron Day Spa & Salon


Express massage: 30min for Ksh. 3,000/=

Foot Massage: 30min for Ksh. 1,900/=

Target Area Massage: 60min for Ksh. 3,900/= or 90min for Ksh. 5,600/=

Frozen Shoulders Massage: 30min for Ksh. 1,600/=

Holistic Massage: 60min for Ksh. 4,500/= or 90min – Ksh. 6,750/=

Hotstone Massage: 90min for Ksh. 7,500/=

Deep Tissue Massage: 60min for Ksh. 5,650/=   or  90min for Ksh. 8,200/=

Aromatherapy Massage: 60min for Ksh. 6,250/=  or  90min – Ksh. 9,000/=

Lomi Lomi 90min for Ksh. 8,000/=

Prenatal: 60min for Ksh. 5,800/=

Reflexology: 30min for Ksh. 3,300/=   or   60min for Ksh. 5,300/=

Location: Muthangari Drive, Nairobi.


Revitalize Wellness Centre

Powered Muscle release: A tension taming treatment that is deeply nurturing. Body and mind are rebalanced, skin feels invigorated and alive. Ksh. 8,000 for 1hour and 20minutes.

Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage: Get deep into the muscle with Balinese stones selected to address exactly what you need. Ksh. 8,000 for 1hour and 20 minutes.

Location: Thigiri view off Thigiri Ridge Road, Opp New Muthaiga Shopping Mall


Olakira Luxe Salon and Spa

Packages offered:

Mind & Body Healing: Includes reflexology and Indian head massage: 75min for Ksh 6,000/=

Pamper Me: Include full body massage and facial: 120min for Ksh 7,800/=

Olakira Ritual: Includes body scrub, body wrap, and full body massage: 135min for Ksh 10,000/=

For Him: Include back scrub, massage, and facial: 110min for Ksh 8,500/=

Location: Chaka Place, 3rd Floor Nairobi


Corporate Spa Wellness

Swedish Massage: Ksh. 2500/=

Aromatherapy Massage: Ksh. 3000/=

Physiotherapy: Ksh. 35000/=

Deep Tissue Massage: Ksh. 3000/=

Hot Stone Therapy: Ksh. 4,000/= for 1hour and 30 minutes

Reflexology: Ksh. 2,500/=

Bamboo Massage: Ksh. 4,000/= for 1hour 30 minutes

Sports Massage: Ksh.3,000/=

Head, Back, and Shoulders: Ksh. 1,500/= for 30 minutes

Back Fusion: Ksh. 1,500/=

Location: Argwings Kodhek Groove, Nairobi


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