Rose Colors You’ll Find In Nairobi & What They Mean

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A rose or two is a huge part of the love language. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s likely that you’re thinking of sending roses to a loved one. However, roses mean different things depending on the colors. So before you place that flowers order in Nairobi, here’s what the common rose colors mean.


Flowers Rose Colors Meaning


Red Roses

Red is the color of love and romance, and this is what these roses will mean. This Valentine’s Day, red roses will be perfect for a spouse or longterm partner.


White Roses

White roses are usually used to signify a new beginning and to show a pure, untainted love. While mostly used in weddings, you can also get these roses for your partner on Valentine’s Day if it’s a new relationship.


Pink Roses

Pink roses are usually used to mean gratitude and happiness. On Valentine’s Day, these would be the perfect gift for friends and family to show that you appreciate them.


Flowers Rose Colors Meanings


Cream Roses

If you want to make someone smile, you cannot go wrong with cream roses. The color symbolises thoughtfulness and anyone who receives these roses from you will know you were thinking of them.


Orange Roses

Tired of the friendzone? Get some orange roses for your crush this Valentine’s Day and hopefully take things to the next level. This rose color means passion and desire, as well as high energy.


Yellow Roses

Besties don’t have to be left behind on Valentine’s Day!  Yellow roses mean friendship and are a great gift between close friends.


Flowers Rose Colors Meaning


Red & White Roses

These roses together mean unity and are perfect for married people. Most bouquets you’ll come across this Valentine’s Day will probably have this combination.




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