10 Essentials For The Perfect Weekend Road Trip To The Coast With Your Girls

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Let’s be honest. It may be Hot Girl Summer somewhere but this Nairobi weather seems to not have gotten the memo. So why stay if you don’t have to be here? Get your girls and go enjoy sun, sand and surf at the beach this weekend. Here’s what you need:


Road Tunes

You don’t want your road trip to suck, so make sure that you set aside a playlist of fun, singalong music to listen to during the trip.


Snacks & Fluids

You’ll probably be on the road for many hours and you need to stay hydrated and fed. Go for dry snacks and energy drinks, plus water!



Even before you get to the beach, slather your skin with sunscreen on the road trip to protect your skin from the elements.


Girl's Road Trip Coast

Courtesy: Seventeen Magazine



What’s a road trip without taking pictures of the memories you’re making?



Cover your head and face on the road trip, and look great while doing it!



Your phone and other electronics should be on for the duration of the trip.


Travel Size Accessories

These include toothpaste, mini shampoos, tiny soaps and feminine hygiene products.


Girl's Road Trip Coast

Courtesy: simpstyle


First Aid Kit

It’s always good to be prepared for any accidents that may occur.


Extra Cash

You may need to make stops along the way for whatever, and a little disposable cash goes a long way.



Don’t forget to also protect your eyes from the elements.



Featured Image Courtesy: Fodors Travel Guide



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