Kenyans Join Against The 2020 Olympic Kit Design By Nike

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On Tuesday, Nike Inc. New York unveiled part of Team Kenya’s competition kit. Timothy Cheruiyot, world 1,500m champion, modeled in the men’s athletics competition kit alongside athletes from other countries including Brazil and the USA.

If the reactions that the Kenyan kit has elicited online are anything to go by, then Kenyans are truly dissatisfied with the kit’s design. The poor reception of the kit by the Kenyan populace was mainly attributed to its lack of a Kenyan theme.


The Kenya 2020 Olympic Kit That Has Been Received Poorly By Kenyans


Dissatisfied Kenyans have since taken the matter to their own hands by starting a petition on in an effort to get Nike to redesign the 2020 Kenyan Olympic Kit.

The campaign that sought to get 10,000 signatures has already garnered over 7,000 signatures in less than 48 hours since it was started.


Screen Grab Of "Get Nike to redesign Kenya's athletics sportswear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!" campaign

Here is what netizens had to say of Kenya’s 2020 Olympic kit:

What do you think of Kenya’s 2020 Olympic Kit?



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