Tribute To Tim; One Of Kenya’s Last Great Tuskers

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Kenya and the world at large has been taken aback by the death of Tim, one of the last remaining great tusker elephants in Kenya.

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, post-mortem results have shown that Tim died of a twisted gut. His carcass was discovered at Mada area of Amboseli National Park.

Tim’s body has since been sent to Nairobi for preservation through the taxidermy. His body will later be put on display at the National Museum in Nairobi.

Elephants earn the title of tusker when their tusks grow long enough to touch the ground. Tim’s tusks weighed 100lbs (over 45kgs each).

Prior to his death, Tim had been speared three times, in all instances he had encroached on human farmland. He was quite the mischievous elephant.

Here are some of the best pictures of this gentle beast:







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