5 Places To Get Vegan Food In Nairobi

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At its most basic definition, being a vegan means that you avoid all animal and animal-derived products. This also includes eggs and dairy products. When it comes to vegan food, it can be difficult to find a place that caters to your particular taste. If you’re planning to eat out for dinner or brunch date, here are some vegan food spots you can try out in Nairobi.



This purely vegetarian restaurant is one of the oldest in Nairobi. They serve up mostly Indian cuisine, as well as Chinese and some Italian dishes. You’ll definitely get a lot of vegan food options from their menu to enjoy. 

Location: Chowpaty Highpark, Highridge

Chowpaty Westlands, Crossroads Plaza, Westlands Road

Chowpaty Fast Food, Ground Floor, Diamond Plaza

Chowpaty Wave Lounge Bar, 1st Floor, Diamond Plaza Annex

Contacts: 0722999995



5 Places To Get Vegan Food In Nairobi


OhCha Noodle Bar

This is Nairobi’s first noodle bar that lets you experience the South East Asian cuisine flavors. You can choose from various vegan food options, including the Veggie Build It Yourself Noodles where you get to decide what ends up on your plate.

Location: Westgate Mall, Westlands

Contacts: 0724303030


About Thyme

If you love eating in beautiful spaces, then this Nairobi vegan food spot for you. The menu contains a lot of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options for you to enjoy. However, be extra careful and ask that they don’t add cheese to your dish.

Location: Eldama Ravine Road, Nairobi

Contacts: 0721850026



5 Places To Get Vegan Food In Nairobi


Tin Roof Cafe

This may not be a large establishment, but the food more than makes up for it. It boasts of a large vegetarian-friendly menu and a salad bar that will leave your taste buds ready for more. For vegan food options, just ask the chef to hold the cheese and you’ll be good!

Location: Karen & Lang’ata

Contacts: 0719606621


Wasp & Sprout 

This Nairobi eatery is a really lovely space with an extensive menu. You can go there to work or just enjoy the good vibes of the place. While most of the dishes are more vegetarian in nature, you can still get a vegan-friendly meal by specifying exactly how you want them to make your meal.

Location: Old Loresho Shopping Center, Loresho Ridge

Contacts: 0799873422


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