Singles Guide To Valentines In Nairobi

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Valentine’s Day: The day of the year when lovers take it upon themselves to express their love for each other. February 14th every year. Of course, there is a long and rich history to this day but that’s not what this article is about.

The day is here again. Could you believe it’s been a year already?

In typical fashion, Cupid is back shooting his arrows the best way he knows how.

Is it just me or is the internet doing the most creating a whirlpool of this day? And this seems to tick you off largely because you are single. Right?

You walk this earth as a single entity. Untangled in the strings of romantic love.

So let me explain, Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love. It is about appreciating people around you and channeling some of that love to yourself.

Here are fun things you can do Valentine’s Day:


Treat yourself (Buy Yourself an Expensive Gift)




Choose to spread love to yourself this Valentine’s day by buying yourself a nice gift; a perfume or a nice watch. Something that will make you feel loved and appreciated.

Find a mate on Tunda




Should you really want a romantic partner, well, we have you sorted. Well just grab your phone, go to the play store, download Tunda app and find a mate that you can enjoy Valentine’s Day with.

Adopt A Pet




Spread the love this valentine’s season by adopting a pet on Valentine’s day. During this period of love, do not be left behind sitting in the confines of your house. You could walk to a pet store and choose a pet that will keep you company in days to come.

Send Flowers




Instead of sitting in your house this Valentine’s Day, how about you send someone you love a bouquet of flowers.  It could be your mum or your sister who lives out of town and will make them feel better. In addition, anyone in your life would love to receive roses.




Take this opportunity to break a sweat at the gym, step into your gym clothes and head out to the gym. Spread the love by working on yourself.

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