Nairobi Food That Gets You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

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So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and she’s coming over for a home cooked meal. You’ve already set the mood with some dimmed light and sultry music in the background. Now all that’s left is the fancy food and what you hope will come after. That’s where food aphrodisiacs come in, which are food that gets you in the mood. You can include some of these in your meal to make sure that the consensual sexy time later goes smoothly.




Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day


Don’t pass up this great dessert idea! Eating dark chocolate is sure to make you feel extra happy and aroused with the spike in dopamine it comes with. You can make it a feast for the senses by trying out different kinds with your partner blindfolded. Better yet, why not pair it with her favorite flowers


Pumpkin seeds


Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day


When you’re looking for food that gets you in the mood, you cannot go wrong with pumpkin seeds. They are high in fibre, zinc and potassium which is really good for your sexual stamina and healthy sperm production. You can eat them roasted or blend them into a two-straw smoothie.




Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day


Besides the awesome flavor it will give to your food, garlic has been shown to increase blood flow to the sexual organs and promote heart wellness. That’s two less things to worry about when you get it on with your boo.




Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day


Not only is honey quite sensual in taste and appearance, it is also one of the oldest known natural aphrodisiacs. It contains boron which regulates hormone levels, as well as nitric oxide, which is basically like a shot of pure arousal. Adding it to your meal will definitely get you in the mood, or you can lick it off your partner if you’re feeling adventurous.




Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day


Go for almonds and pine nuts. They are sure to get the juices flowing with their high zinc content which boosts testosterone levels in the body. You can eat them raw or add them to a salad for a more flavorful experience. Go nuts!


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