5 Kenyan Makeup Brands To Try Out Today

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The makeup industry is huge, with new products coming out every other time. Moreover, new ways to look even more peng keep being shared. If you’re tired of big international designer labels and looking for something extra, here are some Kenyan makeup brands you can start using today.



Suzie Beauty Cosmetics

As far as Kenyan makeup brands go, this was the first ever designed specifically for dark-skinned African women. They include high quality makeup, in addition to skin care and accessories products.

Location: Enterprise Road, Opposite Road A, Nairobi

Website: http://www.suziebeauty.com/

Contacts: 0736 789432/ 0708 789432

Price range: Kshs 1,000 – Kshs 2,000


Huddah Cosmetics

Launched in 2016 by Huddah Monroe, this is one of the top Kenyan makeup brands that is affordable and easily accessible. The beauty and makeup collection covers a range of products, including lipsticks, eye shadows and face makeup removers.

Location: Lenana Road, Nairobi

Website: https://huddahstore.com/

Contacts: (+254) 705 978 069

Price Range: Kshs 200 – Kshs 2,000


Pauline Cosmetics

With the slogan ‘Transforming Beauty Together’, this Kenyan makeup brand is all about enhancing the beauty of African women. It has designed and created beautiful makeup products for the eyes, lips and face.  Secondly, the brand also makes makeup applying accessories.

Location: Kalson Towers,Crescent Rd, Off Ring Rd Parklands, Nairobi

Website: http://paulinecosmetics.com/

Contacts: 0705 946164 / 0706 503132

Price Range: Kshs 750 – Kshs 3,300



Keyara Organics

This is a proudly Kenyan, organic, natural skin care line that creates high quality body and hair care products using the best of African oils and butters. Their products include a baby line. Similarly, they are safe to use for pregnant women. Location: House Number 4, Kirichwa Gardens, Menelik Lane off Kirichwa Road, Nairobi

Website: https://www.keyara.co.ke/

Contacts: [email protected]

Price Range: Kshs 700 – Kshs 1,500


Canvas Cosmetics

This Kenyan makeup brand has been created for the trendy, on-the-go woman to glam up and feel powerful. It includes a collection of high quality,as well as cruelty free products with colors inspired by all things African.

Location: Church Rd, Groganville Estate, Nairobi

Website: https://www.canvascosmetic.com/

Contacts: 0702 888555

Price Range: Kshs 1,900 – Kshs 9,000



Images Courtesy: Canva



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