Online Grocery Shops In Nairobi That You Should Know

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With tech making strides to make life more efficient. Online grocery shopping is slowly becoming a big business.

So next time you are too busy to go grocery shopping, here is where you can order groceries from within Nairobi:


1. Zucchini Greengrocers Limited

A Photo of Zucchinni Grocery Store

Courtesy: One2one

This online shop specializes in fruits vegetables and meat.

Contacts: 0702 464646


2. Herdy

A Picture Of A Product At Herdy


This shop specializes in meat and vegetables.

Contacts: +254 733 709 971


3. Kalimoni Greens


Among their specialties is organic fruits and vegetables and Meat.

Contacts: 0708 278273


4.  Verdura Groceries

A photo taken at Verdura grocery store

Courtesy: Facebook

This online shop supplies and delivers nearly all types of vegetables, groceries, and fruits.

Contacts: 0721 54 82 04/0720 096 722


5. The Corner Shop


The specialty of this shop is fruits and vegetables.

Contacts: 020 3750662, 0739 947451, 0722891937, 020 2712268/9, 0720 753629


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