Rustic Kenyan Airbnb Spots Who Should Add To Your Bucket List

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The cycle of City life can be boring, tasteless even. Should you be looking for a change that will break the monotony of the everyday cycle of life of city life, then you might want to look at this list of cool rustic Kenyan Airbnb’s.

This is a collection of Airbnbs in different Kenyan locations that promise to offer that needed relaxation away from the city’s everyday hustle.


1.The Brandy Bus (Ksh. 10,000/night)

Tucked away in the leafy suburbs of Karen, the brandy bus stands as one of the most distinct Airbnb’s places that Kenya has to offer. The old double-decker school bus has been revamped into a cosy space that you can call home for a night.


A picture of a "the brandy bus" a local Kenyan Airbnb space

Courtesy: Airbnb


2. Samawati Rustic Value Chalets, Lake Ol’Bolossat (Ksh. 5,000/night)

Samawati Conservancy Cottages located in Nyandarua County, Kenya. The property has three units. Each unit can house 4-5 people. Among the utilities offered include a kitchenette, hot shower and a  firewood place.


A Photo Of The Samawati Cottages Lake Ol bolossat



3. Olomayiana Private Bush Camp (Ksh. 8,000/Night)

The establishment is a small self-catering located in Bisil, Kajiado, Kenya. The establishment sits around 90 minutes away from Wilson Airport. The place offers a calm and serene out of town experience with the option of en-suite tents or en-suite cottages.


A Photo Taken At Olomayiana Private Bush Camp



4.  Waterfront view (Ksh. 4200/night)

This property has a history that. spans back 300+ years. The building was restored after years of being an old Arab trader’s mansion. This space boasts of tastefully done antique furnishing. This property is located in a shady courtyard in Lamu Old Town.


An ariel photo of Waterfront view Airbnb



5. Rustic Ensuite On Beach Property With Pool (Ksh 2,300/night)

This property is located in Diani Beach, Coast, Kenya. You can stroll down for a swim in the sea or the pool just nearby. There is an outside living area and kitchen which you are welcome to use. It is private and secure in a beautiful forest surrounded by palms.


A photo of Rustic Ensuite on beach property with pool


Feature Image Courtesy:



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