The Best Places To Get Unique Valentine’s Day Cards In Nairobi

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After a long year of waiting, or not, Valentine’s Day is finally here! Cue the flowers, the chocolates, fancy dinners and sappy love songs everywhere. While that is all wonderful, one thing that usually gets overlooked sometimes is a Valentine’s Day card. So if you’re tired of the same ol’, same ol’, here’s where you can get unique Valentine’s Day cards in Nairobi for your loved ones.


  1. 1 Parachichi

    There's normal Valentine's Day cards and then there's punny ones! With Parachichi, you'll get a little bit of both inspired by a love of avocados and everything sweet.

    Charges: Kshs 250 each (delivery available at a fee)

    Contacts: 0759 336 343

  2. 2 Purpink Gifts & Flowers

    Do you have a crush on someone? Well, Valentine's Day is the best time to let them know it with this simply beautiful card from Purpink Gifts & Flowers.

    Charges: Kshs 100 each (delivery available at a fee)

    Contacts: +254702 100 100, +254711 111 864

    Location: NextGen Mall, Mombasa Road, 1st Floor, Room 41, Nairobi

  3. 3 Kadi Kraft

    If you're looking for a more personal touch in your Valentine's Day card for a loved one this year, then Kadi Kraft is for you! In addition, the card is made with pieces of Kitenge fabric within the design.

    Charges: Kshs 450 each (free shipping within Nairobi CBD and Westlands)

    Contacts: +254 2044 0968 8



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