Beautiful Kenyan Destinations You Did Not Know About

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Quick question, did you know that there is a lake that bears the shape of a heart in Kenya?

I bet you wish you knew this before Valentines, but oh well.  Tuck tight! This is going to be a long ride of discovery!

1.Lake Love (Suguta Valley)

A lake in the shape of a heart. How cool is that!

A Picture Of Lake Love In Kenyas Nothern Area

Courtesy: @KenyaPics on Twitter

2.  Pride Rock (Hells Gate National Park)

This is the rock that inspired the film, Lion King.

A picture of pride rock in Hells Gate National Park

Courtesy: The sun

3. Turkana

This is what many sci-fi films have made is to imagine the surface of Mars to be like. This region is perfect for dirt biking.

A picture of the land for in Turkana

Courtesy: @ KenyaPics on Twitter

4. Chale Islands (Kwale County)

This exotic island tucked away in the coastal regions of Kenya offer a sights to behold.

A picture Taken In Kenya's Chale Islands

Courtesy: @Kenyapics on Twitter

5.  The Aberdares (Nyandarua County)

The Aberdares promise to give you a great experience. This is probably as close to paradise as it gets.

A Picture Taken at The Aberdares In Kenya

Courtesy: @KenyaPics On Twitter

Feature Image Courtesy: @Kenya Pics On Twitter



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