The Man Behind One Of Nairobi’s Last Vinyl Shops

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James G. Rugami, now in his 60’s, often spends his days tucked away in his beloved vinyl shop at Kenyatta Market. Having been a disc jockey in his younger days, Jimmy has found himself spending a fortune in buying records to build his rich collection.

“I couldn’t stop collecting records, for some reason I have always been perturbed by piracy,” reiterated Jimmy.

James further goes on to refer to this style of music as the purest form in which you can listen to music.

James has seen the fall of vinyl music over the years but he has remained strong in the craft.


A Picture Of James G. Rugami At His Stall


However, over time vinyl record sales have hit the highest record in 20 years and his shop has steadily been giving him the much-needed return on his investment.


A Picture Of James G. Rugami At His Stall


As a side hustle, James has started doing the restoration of old vinyl players for sale. This has also given his business a major boost and made him known among Kenyan and international vinyl loving populace.


A Picture Of James G. Rugami At His Stall


The father of six continues to hold his head high against all the odds stacked against his craft. His shop, Nairobi Real Vinyl Guru located at Kenyatta Market Stall 507, continues to be our bridge to the music in the 80’s glory days.


Feature Image Courtesy: The Vinyl Factory




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