Here Are Nice Out Of Town Lodges To Go To On That Solo Trip

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It’s 2020, remember the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Well, we are 6 weeks into the year. Are you still planning on going for that all-important solo trip you wanted so badly? Ama, you are too busy wondering whether you want to buy that couch you have been saving for.

Well, in case you decide on going for that solo trip, here are a few out of town lodges you might want to wake up in:

1.Sarova Salt Lick

A picture of Sarova Salt Lick Lodge


Imagine waking up at the heart of Tsavo West National Park, perched in a premium room that is on the top of a thick pillar. You draw the curtains to the sight of a bunch of elephants drinking from under the pillar that your room is perched on. That is the Sarova Salt Lick experience. How glorious is that?

How To Get There From Nairobi:

Thanks to the Standard Gauge Railway that makes stops at both Voi and Mtito Andei, travelling to Tsavo has been made easier. A train trip will set you back around Ksh.700 in economy class and Ksh.2000 in first class. The lodge stands around 4 kilometres from the train station. You also have the option of driving to the location or take a flight that will get you to a small airstrip near the KWS gate at the entrance of Tsavo National Park.


2. Coral Gardens Wasini

A Photo Of Wasini Coral Gardens Cottage


This destination is tucked 3 kilometers off the coast of the Indian Ocean. Tourists get an opportunity to snorkel and dive between the coral reef around Kisite island. The island is often totally inundated during high tide. The rustic feel of the cottage will also add to the experience of going on a great solo trip to this location.

How to get here from Nairobi:

You could opt to drive down to Mombasa. Drive further to the small town of Shimoni at the end of the Shimoni Peninsula. Turn right at the T-junction and you will find the boat jetty including a guarded car park at your left-hand side. There, you will be picked up to cross over to Wasini Island (10 min, 250 KSH per person during day time, to be booked in advance).


3. Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp

A Photo of Mahali Mzuri lodge in The Masai Mara

Courtesy: Mahali Mzuri

This destination is located in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy North of the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. This camping lodge will give you the experience of waking up in the heart of a game reserve. At that time of the year, this lodge will offer you a front-row seat to watching the wild beast migration. You get to watch the seventh wonder of the world in real HD.

How to get here from Nairobi:

You can choose to travel by road or to fly to the Mara. Driving to the Masai Mara will take you about 6 hours whereas if you fly to the Masai Mara, it will take you about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Alternatively, you could take a matatu to Narok and then find easy local transport from your point of drop off.


Campi Ya Kanzi (Chulu Hills)

A Photo Taken At Campi Ya Kazi In Chulu Hills

Courtesy: Micato

Chulu Hills, in Makueni County, is one of those places with beautiful rolling hills of endless lush green grass, great blue skies, and spectacular landscapes that provide a once in a lifetime experience. While you are here, you might want to wake up at the Campi Ya Kanzi, a small lodge that is tucked in the heart of Chulu Hills. This campsite will offer great view that will definitely make that solo trip worthwhile.

How To Get There From Nairobi:

Roads: By road from Kibwezi: turn right off the Mombasa Road (coming from Nairobi) at Kibwezi, onto a signposted road that leads after 9 Kms to Kithasyo Gate and Park HQ. By road from Tsavo West: It is possible to enter the park from Tsavo West

By Air: The Park has two airstrips

5. Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli

A Picture Of Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli

Courtesy: Travel Start

This lodge is the best location to wake up in if you want to get a spectacular view of Mt.Kilimanjaro and its surroundings. The lodge offers private baths and beautiful terraces. This is a great place to go for that solo trip that you have always wanted to go on.

How To Get There From Nairobi:

The lodge is located within Amboseli National park that lies 240km from Nairobi. The park has 2 airstrips in it, which makes it easy for one to get there by air. Alternatively, you could get a matatu to Namanga and enter the park via the Meshanani Gate or alternatively travel down to Mombasa and get into the park using an alternative route.

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