Here Is a List Of Hip Cafes In Nairobi That You Need To Know About

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The weekend is here, here are great cafes where you can go out to and build on your food experience within Nairobi that offer great ambiance and great food:


Wasp and Sprout

A Photo Taken At Wasp & Sprout

Courtesy: Nation

Wasp and Sprout, a small hip restaurant tucked away in the heart of Loresho. All the furniture at this establishment is handmade and is for purchase. The spot also has a schedule of open mic sessions for new and budding artists. The food prices at this spot range between Ksh.500/= to Ksh.1500/=.

Location: Loresho Ridge Road, Loresho

Contacts: + 254 (0) 799 873 422


Crave Kitchen

A Photo Taken At Crave Kitchen Cafe

Courtesy: Wapi Kenya

Crave kitchen, a small hip cafe in the heart of Kikuyu that offers the right ambiance for a great first date. The spot offers great food that ranges between Ksh. 300/= to Ksh 1500/=. To add to the ambiance and the experience the establishment offers a variety of board games to engage in while at the establishment.

Location: Kikuyu

Contacts: 0795 066019


Bao Box

A Photo Of Bao Box

Courtesy: Eat Out

This spot in Westlands tries to bring back social interaction to humanity. The establishment offers a great ambiance coupled with board games that allow people to socialize. Be warned, there is no wifi at this spot. Food prices range between Ksh.400/= and Ksh. 2,000/=.

Location: 8th floor, Pramukh Towers, Westlands, Nairobi

Contacts: 0715 226269


Geco Café

A Photo Of Geco Café

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

Geco Cafe is a great place for your coffee, meals or a refreshing mocktail. Great atmosphere and rustic designs! It offers you an opportunity to dine while your car gets cleaned. How cool is that!

Location: Mbaazi Avenue, Nairobi

Contacts: +254723720293


The River Cafe

A Photo Taken At River Cafe


The River Café is located inside Karura Forest, the restaurant offers a cool and serene natural ambiance that complements the dining experience. Food prices at this spot range from Ksh.350/= to Ksh.2000/= although select meals may go for more than this price ceiling of Ksh.2000/=.

Location: Karura Forest, Nairobi

Contacts: 0725 969891


Tin Roof Cafe

A Photo Taken At Tin Roof Cafes

Courtesy: Tin Roof Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Karen, this establishment offers great views and ambiance for anyone looking for a soulful dining experience. This restaurant serves cuisine ranges from healthy salads, sandwiches, burgers to pizzas. Prices range from Ksh 350/= to Ksh.2500/=.

Location: 70 Dagoretti Rd, Nairobi

Contacts: 0719 606621

Feature Image Courtesy: SMELTO





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