Crave Kitchen & Bakery; An Unexpected Surprise!

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Before I went to Crave Kitchen & Bakery, I’d probably heard about it from everyone I came across. From IG stories, countless threads on Twitter and in-person conversations, Crave Kitchen was like the best thing since ice cream. So all that was left to do is dress up on a Sunday afternoon, get a date and see what all the hype was about!



Crave Kitchen and Bakery is located at Kikuyu town. This is about an hour’s journey from Nairobi CBD. If using public transport, you’ll get off at the last matatu stage before it turns to go back to Nairobi. From there, it’s a short walk past lots of food vendors, fruit kibandas and a Shell petrol station before you get to your destination. If going via cab or personal car, it is a relatively straight road from the CBDto Kikuyu town which is quite easy to navigate. Please note that Crave Kitchen doesn’t have a lot of parking space so it might be better to just be dropped off.


A Photo Of Crave Kitchen Front D

Courtesy Trip Advisor



The entrance to Crave Kitchen is quite unassuming and we almost walked past it if not for the chalkboard sign at the front. The first thing that hits you when you walk in is all
the different elements of the decor that somehow all work together. On one side, there are books and large paintings and murals on the wall. On the other, there are African masks and kiondos with plants placed here and there to create a balanced look. One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter the space is a large chalkboard where the day’s specials are written. You can choose to sit at the front section or at the huge courtyard out back (which was quite a surprise).



The Crave Kitchen prices for a full meal range from 300 shillings to 450 shillings. Drinks go for between 100 shillings to 150 shillings. This is a great price based on the location and can also work very well for when you’re on a budget. It also works based on the various offerings that Crave Kitchen has on its menu, including freshly baked pastries. My date and I ended up paying only 1,200 shillings for both our food and drinks, which is a steal tbh!

Crave Kiitchen Ambience

Courtesy: Hapa Kenya



The service was a huge disappointment! It took 15 minutes from when we walked into Crave Kitchen for any server to notice us, and that was after we called out. It took another 30 minutes before our drinks were brought to the table, after which it took an hour before we saw our food. During this time, no one bothered to check on us and tell us why there was a delay. Maybe the service is better on other days that aren’t Sundays when the place is full, but I would have left after the first half-hour if not for this review.



The food at Crave Kitchen is actually really good if you’re willing to wait an hour for it. Maybe that’s why they have all those books to help you pass the time! When we finally got our food, I was pleasantly surprised by the portions which were quite large and could even feed two people in a pinch. I had the fish fillet and fries and my date had the marinated pork and fries. For drinks, we had mango and cocktail juice. The food came in large bowl-like plates while the juice came in plastic disposable cups (which I didn’t like). The fries were basically big chunks of potatoes, which were surprisingly really good, and the fish was melt-in-your-mouth well-seasoned deliciousness. So was the pork, according to my date! They also gave me this barbeque sauce to drench my fish in that was the stuff that dreams are made of.


Food Served At Crave Kitchen

Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Overall Rating

The food is amazing, relatively cheap and you can take such great IG pics at the Crave Kitchen space. The service could definitely be better, so for this reason, they get a 6/10.




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