Best Nairobi CBD Coffee Shops Where You Can Work Remotely

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Office spaces can get potentially boring, not mentioning the fact that sometimes productivity is affected by spending too much time in the same space. So what do you do when your office space no longer facilitates your productivity. You do what is done in the movies; pack a small laptop bag and head to your favorite coffee shop.

Here are coffee shops you might want to consider in your search for productivity:


Capital Coffee Lounge

A Photo Of Capital Coffee Lounge In Nairobi

Courtesy: Yummy Magazine

Capital Coffee lounge offers a great ambiance should you be looking for a great space to work from, the elegance in design make this one of the top coffee shops in Nairobi.

Location: Ground Floor, Lonrho House, Standard St, Nairobi.


Savanna Coffee Lounge

A Photo of Savanna Coffee Lounge

Courtesy: My Guide Kenya

This coffee shop offers a lush ambiance and a luxurious space for anyone looking for a place to work away from the office.

Location: Ground Floor, Sasini House, Loita Street, Nairobi.


Cafe Deli

A Photo Of Cafe Deli

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

For someone looking for an alternative to working at the office, Cafe Deli will offer you a cool workspace and great food and drinks to see you through your work time.


Located along Kenyatta Avenue, 680 Building – 0700 168 890

Located along Nkurumah Lane, Behind Kencom, Tumaini House – 0700 168 914

Located along Moi Avenue, Opposite Union Towers – 0707 712 287

Located along Nkurumah Lane Kenya Cinema, Tumaini House – 0710 465 291

Dormans Coffee

A Photo Taken At Dormans Cafe

Courtesy: Eat Out

Dormans Coffee offers a great ambiance, and great space should you decide to sit and have your coffee at this spot.

Location: Ground Floor, Jubilee Insurance Exchange, Mama Ngina St, Nairobi.


The Clarion Coffee Shop

A Photo Taken At Clarion Cafe

Courtesy: Clarion

This urban cafe offers plush and luxurious sitting spaces for your work needs as well as great food that you can have as you work.

Location: The Clarion Hotel Building, Moi Avenue, Nairobi


Java House

A Photo of Java Cafe Signage

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

Java House is a popular coffee shop across Nairobi with over 30 shops across Kenya the establishment will offer you the much-needed comfort for when you need to work from home.


Uniafric House Nairobi CBD

Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street

City-Hall Way, Nairobi

Kimathi Street, Nairobi

Feature Image Courtesy: EatOut











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