‘How Kenyan Are You’ Food Quiz

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Kenyans love food, lakini kuna tabia zingine that are so uniquely Kenyan that anyone else can just tell. So what makes you Kenyan? Take this quiz and find out. 


Kuna nyama kwa chakula. Do you:

a). Start by eating that first in case wageni unexpected wakuje and you have to share

b). Finish the meat last and take your time to enjoy 

c). Who cares? 


'How Kenyan Are You' Food Quiz

Courtesy: CNN


You’re at a buffet na kuna fruits. Do you:

a). Get a different plate for them 

b). Weka fruits on top of your food

c). You don’t really care about fruits


Unakula ugali na ni moto sana. Do you:

a). Wait for it to cool down

b). Throw it around like a tennis ball between your hands hadi ipoe

c). Pop it in your mouth as it is, kaa mbaya mbaya


Asubuhi asubuhi, chai moto na:

a). Mkate

b). KDF

c). Mayai boiro


'How Kenyan Are You' Food Quiz

Courtesy: Wedding Bila Stress


The most Kenyan meal you’re likely to find at a wedding is:

a). Pilau na kuku

b). Rice na stew ya minji, nyama na waru

c). Chapo beans


Most likely question to ask when you’re invited somewhere:

a). Where is it? 

b). Kuna food? 

c). Can I come with someone? 


Kuku ni mboga

a). True

b). False

c). Who even comes up with these things? 


'How Kenyan Are You' Food Quiz

Courtesy: Taste of Adventure


What meal slaps harder? 

a). Pizza

b). Kuku porno

c). Burgers 


Chapo is bae

a). YEEESSS!!! Inject it into my veins! 

b). Meh! 

c). I’ll eat anything else

Kwa kibanda, do you:

a). Ask for chakula sosa after the meal

b). Order the githeri special 

c). What’s a kibanda? 



Mostly a’s

Well, you’re pretty Kenyan when it comes to your food. You know the basics, but you’ve still got a lot to learn. 


Mostly b’s

The Kenyan food rock star. You rarely get it wrong when if comes to food Kenyaisms and that’s what others enjoy about you. 


Mostly c’s

You probably don’t know enough about Kenyans and their food to care. Stick around, and you’ll be a pro at this in no time!


Featured Image Courtesy: Culture Trip



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