How To Create Mental Health Workplace Wellness Spaces In Nairobi

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Mental health is a major concern in the fast-paced world we live in. Nairobi has triggers everywhere, from the kind of lives we live, the people we interact with, to the jobs we have. This can have a serious effect not only on how we go through life, but also how we conduct business. If not checked, it could lead to a host of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and even suicide. Here’s how you can create mental health wellness spaces at work. 


How To Create Mental Health Conducive Spaces At Work


Create mental health awareness

Until as recently as a few years ago, mental health was still a taboo topic in many places in Nairobi. As a result, there’s a lot that people still don’t know about how our minds work. You can change this by organizing talks by mental health experts at your workplace. Alternatively, you can also compile important information that you can share with employees. This can include how to spot triggers, identify when someone is going through a rough time and how to help.


Institute an open door policy

Company culture in Nairobi has a huge impact on the mental health of employees. Try to cultivate a culture of openness, where employees feel safe enough to talk freely about their mental health struggles. It will also help them to know the options available to help them recover and the support available to them.


Encourage work-life balance

You’ve heard of the saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Part of a healthy work environment includes having a healthy work-life balance. This may mean introducing flexible working hours for employees so that they find time to do other non-work related things. This will help with stress management and prevent burnout.


How To Create Mental Health Conducive Spaces At Work


Introduce mental health day time off

Mental health can sometimes be tricky to predict. One day you may be fine, the next you can’t even get out of bed. Employees should have the option of taking a paid mental health day off with limited notice. They can work at home, if they are able to, as they take measures to get better.


Create bonding experiences among employees

Regular team building in Nairobi is very important in the workplace. You’ll get a chance to catch up with each other’s lives in a less formal environment. This may make some employees more comfortable to share any mental struggles they may be having and finally get the help they need.




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