Africa’s Eye On The Sky; The Travelling Telescope

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The traveling telescope, an initiative by Susan Mubarana and Chu Owen seeks to get African children interested in Science and Technology by introducing them to basic astronomy.

This company brings the world beyond the galaxy closer using astronomy equipment; telescopes and simulations of the mysteries of the universe.

The biggest motivation behind starting this company was the fact that despite the telescope being around over 400 years many Kenyans have not had the experience of looking through one.


A photo taken at one of Traveling telescope's events



Susan and Chu have since opened a temporary planetarium, a dome where guests are entertained to simulations of wonders that exist beyond the galaxy for a charge.

However, the traveling telescope holds events from time to time where they allow people to look through their telescopes into the galaxy beyond for a fee.

Other times, they travel from school to school and allow young school-going children to look through their telescopes; this is mainly for non-profit purposes.

Often termed as a social outreach enterprise dedicated to promoting social change using astronomy, Travelling Telescope continues to inspire Africa’s next pool of astronomers.





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