5 Period Care Package Essentials & Where To Get Them In Nairobi

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Periods have many names. Mashiro. Aunt Flo. That time of the month. I-Want-To-Die-Please-Kill-Me-Now (okay, that last one is a fave). When PMS hits hard, that’s where a period care package comes in. This is a set of period gifts that you can create for yourself or as a gift to someone else. However, there are some essentials that your period care package should have, and this is where you can find them in Nairobi.



Dark chocolate, to be specific. It contains magnesium which has been shown to reduce period cramps. It will also help with PMS mood swings because of the endorphins, or happy hormones, that come with eating chocolate.

Where to get good Kenyan-made chocolate in Nairobi:

Sweet Art Chocolate Creations

Location: No 18 Muthaiga Court off 6th Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Telephone number: +254 721 396 167

Website: sweetart.co.ke

Chocolate specialty: Lemon and black pepper gourmet chocolate

The Chocolate Bar by Absolute Chocolate

Location: 1st Floor Regal Plaza – Off Limuru Rd. Nairobi

Telephone number: 0702391111

Website: thechocolatebar.co.ke

Chocolate specialty: Artisan chocolate bars

Chokoleti Ke

Location: 44 Spectrum Business Park, Nairobi

Telephone number: 0722822699

Website: chokoleti.ke

Chocolate specialty: Assorted chocolate gift box



Extra Sanitary Products

Make sure that you add in some extra pads or tampons. You can also include panty liners as an added precaution. Other self-care items to include are hand sanitizer and wet wipes.


Pain Relievers

Cramps suck. Your period care package should have painkillers pills which will go a long way to make you feel better. You can also add in a hot water bottle or heating pad.


Where you can get sanitary products and pain relievers in Nairobi: at your local shop or supermarket. If you don’t want the hassle of waiting in line or dealing with people, you can order online from MYDAWA or Kasha Kenya and have them delivered to you.



Extra Comfortable Clothing

Dressing comfortably helps to make you feel relaxed during your period. It’s also advisable to have extra clothes, including underwear, available in case of any accidental leakage.


Pamper Yourself Kit

You probably don’t really feel like yourself on your period, which is why your period care package should absolutely have all the things that make you happy. Stock up on fancy teas, bright nail polish, massage vouchers and everything in between. You can get these products at a Nairobi shop or supermarket near you.


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