Adrenaline Pumping Activities To Engage In Around Nairobi

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Between juggling work and personal life, it is easy to lose yourself to routine. Should you be caught in this closed-loop there is no need to worry. Here are activities that will give you that much-needed dose of adrenaline:


Ostrich Riding

Ostrich riding

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Ostrich riding can be an interesting and unique activity that one wouldn’t forget easily.

You can head down to Maasai Ostrich Farm in Kitengela and for approximately Ksh. 800, you gain entry into the farm and a chance to ride an ostrich.

There is a hotel within the farm so if get hungry from the riding and farm tours, you can chow down on some ostrich meat at the restaurant.

Visit a Shooting Range

A photo of a person practicing at a shooting range

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? How about you try shooting a rifle this weekend? It is one of those experiences that you will relish for days and years to come.

I know you are asking isn’t that for super-rich people?

Well, the price for a session at the shooting range will set you back around Ksh. 2000/=.Although, this depends depending on how much ammo you use.

Here are Shooting Ranges in Nairobi:

National Gun Owners Association on Kiambu Road

Kenya Regiment Rifle Club- Gipcon House, Nairobi

Go Karting

A picture of people go karting


This sport will bring out that competitiveness in you. This is not the kind of sport that you walk into alone. You will need to bring together a bunch of friends for this one.

A go-karting session will normally last about 10 minutes and will set you back around Ksh. 1300/=

Here are the places you can go for go-karting:

GP Karting Ltd – Carnivore road off Langata Road. Racing Circuit, Nairobi City


An Image Of A Person Ziplining

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Imagine cutting across the wind at a high speed hanging on to a string. What better way to get that shot of adrenaline?

A ziplining session will set you back Ksh. 500/= or thereabout.

Here are places you can go ziplining:

The Forest – Kereita Forest, near Limuru.

Ngong Hills Zip Line


Silhouette of Bicycle Riders

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Cycling is a great form of cardio. A good cycling session will help you burn calories and build overall body strength.

Here are places you can do cycling, even when you don’t own a bicycle of your own:

Ngong hills: You can hire the bikes at Kompass Restaurant for Ksh.500 for 3 hours.

Karura Forest: You can hire bicycles here at Ksh. 500 for 2 hours.

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