Take A Food Journey Across Kenya With This TV Show

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It’s no secret that Kenyans love to eat. Food is a central part of our lives and we take our meal times very seriously. With the almost unlimited food options available to us, it is easy to not fully appreciate our traditional foods and what they mean to us as a people.



Foods of Kenya is a TV show that seeks to change that. Hosted by Mwaniki Mageria, this show will take you on a culinary journey across Kenya as you get to experience how different communities prepare their traditional food. It will also be an opportunity to learn about the diverse cultural practices and history of Kenyan communities.



Mwaniki Mageria is no stranger to food as he was previously a host of Get In The Kitchen, a show that was aimed at getting men to cook more. 



Foods of Kenya airs every Wednesday on KTN at 8pm.


Featured Image Courtesy: Delishably




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