Here’s Where To Get Great Mitumba Outfits Within Nairobi

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Are you looking for that wardrobe upgrade? Maybe, maybe not but eventually, you will need one. Know where you will get all that drip and style.

Nairobi as a block has several hotspots at which the mitumba business flourishes. Here are some of them:

Gikomba Market

A Picture Taken At Gikomba Mitumba Market

Courtesy: DW

This is the largest second-hand cloth market in Nairobi. This market has become notorious for the constant incidences of arson that have rocked it in the recent past. However, this is one of the best places to get good clothes for that wardrobe upgrade you have really been looking forward to. The best time to go shopping at ‘gikomba’ is early in the morning; if you want to find the best merchandise.


Toi Market

A Photo Take At Toi Market At Adams

Courtesy: Mums Village

This is a roadside market located at Adams Arcade along Ngong road. This market is known for its expensive prices; However, the goods sold are of good quality. Like every other Kenyan market the deeper you go into the market the better the prices get. For this market, you can get good merchandise throughout the day. But the most appropriate time is at noon.



A Photo Of Kawangware Market Mitumba

Courtesy: Getty Images

This market is located along Naivasha Road.  This market has gained its fame for selling both food items and second-hand clothes. The prices at this market are fare however the place is very crowded. The best time to go to this market is around noon.



A Photo Taken In Muthurwa Market


If you work in Nairobi’s CBD then this is the most convenient place to go shopping for second-hand clothes. This market is located within the CBD. Muthurwa is not a merchandise specific market; therefore you can get both foodstuff and clothes at this location. The prices of general merchandise are fair.


Bus Station CBD

A section of Bus Station CBD Market Narobi Mitumba

Courtesy: Kenya Yote

This spot has gained popularity over the years for its easy accessibility together with the pocket-friendly prices of commodities that you will find in this urban market. However, you might need to be on the lookout for pickpockets while shopping at this market.


Mutindwa Market

A Section oF Mtindwa Mitumba Market

Courtesy: Nairobi News

This market is located in Buruburu. It has gained fame for selling the best bags and shoes. However, due to the growing residential population, the market has been on shrinking steadily to give way to human settlement. However, this is still your best destination for good shoes and bags.


Globe Roundabout

Well, this market has gained its popularity from how cheap the merchandise here is. Normally, the wares are places on the pavements along the road by hawkers. You can get great elements of clothing here for less than Ksh 200. This market contributes heavily to the human traffic experienced in downtown Nairobi.

What To Consider When Going Shopping:

Remember to wear appropriate shoes for the weather that day.

Remember to carry a shopping bag.

Be careful with your valuables.

Carry water and allocate enough time for shopping; it often takes longer than anticipated.


Feature Image courtesy: I Like Local




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