Kituluni Hills; Kenya’s Point Of No Gravity

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Machakos County is home to Kituluni Hills; Kenya’s gravity defying area.

Let us break down gravity defying for you aye! Imagine leaving your car on neutral mid way down the slope of this hill and it goes back uphill. Better still, pouring water midway of this hill and it flows uphill. How cool is that?

Well, this has made this one square kilometer area a place of immense wonder. The area has attracted tourists from around the world trying to wrap their heads around this strange enigma.


A Wide angle Photo Of Kituluni Hills

Courtesy: Twitter


It is believed that this anomaly was first discovered by a white settler who had left his car on the hill. He went is search of water, and upon coming back his car had moved uphill.

Local myth however has a different twist to the story. It says that there was once a beautiful lady who had two husbands. Kyalo and Mwilu. She used to rest by the stream that divided the two men’s houses to decide at whose place she would sleep. When her husbands died, they were buried uphill. And since they were sworn enemies they still fight in the after-life causing the strong pull toward the top of the hill.


A Photo Of A Car In Neutral Gear Moving Uphill

Courtesy: Twitter

How to get to Kituluni Hills:

This hill is located 64 Kilometers Southeast of Nairobi. You will have to drive through Mutituni and Kivutini road to get here. The roads that lead here are windy and twisty.




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