5 Interesting Aphrodisiac Foods & Where To Get Them In Nairobi

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Let’s assume that you’ve set the scene with a visit to a nice romantic restaurant in Nairobi, a candlelit dinner and some sultry music in the background. Maybe you’ve even bought flowers for your partner and taken them on a movie date. So how do you get in the mood for some sexy time later? Make sure you eat these aphrodisiac foods, which you can easily find in Nairobi.



Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day

Don’t pass up this great dessert idea! Eating dark chocolate is sure to make you feel extra happy and aroused with the spike in dopamine it comes with. 

When it comes to chocolate in Nairobi, there are several options to choose from depending on what you like. Kenyan chocolatiers have perfected the art of creating masterpieces that challenge your tastebuds and make each chocolate bite an experience. With a budget of Kshs 500 – Kshs 2,000, you and your partner can get to try out these amazing aphrodisiac foods from the following:

Sweet Art Chocolate Creations

Location: No 18 Muthaiga Court off 6th Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Telephone number: +254 721 396 167

Chocolate specialty: Lemon and black pepper gourmet chocolate

The Chocolate Bar by Absolute Chocolate

Location: 1st Floor Regal Plaza – Off Limuru Rd. Nairobi

Telephone number: 0702391111

Chocolate specialty: Artisan chocolate bars

Chokoleti Ke

Location: 44 Spectrum Business Park, Nairobi

Telephone number: 0722822699

Chocolate specialty: Assorted chocolate gift box


Pumpkin seeds

Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day

When you’re looking for aphrodisiac foods that gets you in the mood, you cannot go wrong with pumpkin seeds. They are high in fibre, zinc and potassium which is really good for your sexual stamina and healthy sperm production. You can eat them roasted or have them blended into a two-straw smoothie when out and about in Nairobi.

You can get pumpkin seeds at your local market or a supermarket near you. They usually retail at Kshs 100 for at least 100g.



Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day

Besides the awesome flavor it will give to your food, garlic has been shown to increase blood flow to the sexual organs and promote heart wellness. That’s two less things to worry about when you get it on with your boo.

You can get garlic bulbs or garlic powder at your local market or a supermarket near you. They usually retail at Kshs 100 for at least 100g.



Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day

Not only is honey quite sensual in taste and appearance, it is also one of the oldest known natural aphrodisiac foods. It contains boron which regulates hormone levels, as well as nitric oxide, which is basically like a shot of pure arousal. Adding it to your meal will definitely get you in the mood, or you can lick it off your partner if you’re feeling adventurous.

While you can get honey at your local supermarket at an average price of Kshs 700 for 1kg, other places you should try out in Nairobi include:

Nairobi Honey Shop

Location: Cargen House, Harambee Avenue opp Electricity House

Telephone number: 0794588020

The Natural Honey Shop

Location: Mogotio Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Telephone number: 0723680047

Bee Happy KE

Location: Langata Road Mazeras Centre Opposite KFC

Telephone number: +254 700 453 377, +254 713 255 333

Honey Care Africa

Location: Muringa Avenue, Jamuhuri Park

Telephone number: +254 20 4400871, 0735574448



Food Aphrodisiacs Nairobi Valentine's Day

As aphrodisiac foods, make sure you go for almonds and pine nuts. They are sure to get the juices flowing with their high zinc content which boosts testosterone levels in the body. You can eat them raw or add them to a salad for a more flavorful experience. Go nuts!

You can get nuts at your local market or a supermarket near you. They usually retail at Kshs 100 for at least 100g.

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