Supermarkets Along Ngong Road For That Ultimate Shopping Experience

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So you are going to visit a friend who is having a house warming party somewhere along Ngong Road, but you need to stop by a supermarket because it is rude to show up at someone’s door empty-handed. What are your options in terms of supermarkets?

This article intends to shed some light on places you should consider stopping at to get your supplies:


Naivas Prestige Mall

A Photo of a Naivas Outlet

Courtesy: Business Daily

This supermarket is located at Prestige Plaza along Ngong road. It offers a variety of household goods including furniture, electronics, and machinery for home use including gym equipment. The parking at this supermarket is ample.

Location: Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road.

Contact: 0710 602246


Tuskys Adams Arcade

A Photo Of Tuskys Adams Arcade

Courtesy: Four Square

This is a small outlet of the Tuskys chain of supermarkets. The supermarket has a deli from which you can get fast foods whenever you need a quick fix to that grumbling tummy. You won’t find furniture here but you will definitely get all your household supplies and simple electronics; an iron box for instance.

Location: Ngong Road / Woodley, Nairobi

Contacts: +254-20-386-4021, +254-20-386-4022


Carrefour The Junction

A Photo Of Carrefour Supermarket at the junction

Courtesy: Hivisasa

Sitting on a large area of The Junction Mall’s ground floor, Carrefour supermarket offers a one of a kind shopping experience. The well-stocked supermarket sells a variety of food items, electronics, gifts, furniture among other households. The mall also boasts of good security and ample parking which adds to the shopping experience at this supermarket.

Location: The Junction Mall, Ngong Road.

Contacts: 0800 221 322



Feature Image Courtesy: Unsplash




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