Cool Family Friendly Games To Play While At Home

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In an unprecedented turn of events, school season has been canceled and school-going children, as well as working adults, are expected to be indoors until the tide on the coronavirus pandemic changes. Well, here are some family-friendly games that you can engage in while you are at home:



A Cover Of Kahoot Game

Courtesy: Google Play Store

This is a game-based platform that is used to help the education process in school institutions. This game allows different devices to join a common network through which they can answer quizzes of different genres. The genres include music, wildlife, and general knowledge.

Here is where you can download the game here for apple users and here for android uses.



A Photo Of A Jenga Stalk

Courtesy: Terminal Madness

Jenga is a classic family game that is played by stalking a fixed number of wooden chips and then adding to the top of the pile by taking from the bottom of the stalk. This game requires precision and care to execute every move of a wooden chip through the stalk. This game promises to be fun for the whole family.Here is where you can order a jenga package: Skygarden , Kilimall,  & Jumia.


Table Tennis

A Representation Of Table Tennis

Courtesy: Days Of The Year

Table tennis is a miniature version of tennis. This form of tennis is easy to play indoors. All you need is two table tennis rackets and the separating net that sets aside the sides for both opponents. The with a good separating net and rackets you could attach the set up to a normal home table. This game promises to bring out your competitive juices.

Here is where you can order your indoor table tennis paddle set: Jumia



A Photo Of a Monopoly Board

Courtesy: Readers Digest

This is a family-friendly board game. In the game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels. Players collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. This game helps boost strategy mathematical abilities as well as promises to be a fun game for the entire family.

Here is where to get a monopoly package: JumiaSkygarden, and Kilimall



A Photo Of Puzzle Pieces

Courtesy: Readers Digest

Puzzles are a great source of fun and brain tease for the entire family. Getting a good puzzle book will allow you plenty of options to use your time while you are at home. This allows for great family time as well as helping to build strategy and mental capabilities.

Here are places you can get puzzles: JumiaKilimall, and  Toy Word at the Sarit Centre.

Feature Image Courtesy: Ravensburger



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