Top 6 Kenyan TV Shows You Can Now Enjoy While At Home

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools have been closed and many people are working from home so as to practice social distancing and slow down the spread of the virus. With so many people at home, you’ve probably played all the games and done all the activities at least twice. So now what’s left? TV, of course! These are some of the top Kenyan shows you can now enjoy while at home.



Now in its 14th season, this very popular Kenyan TV show is simply the story of a village girl that comes to work in the city and gets in over her head. In addition, Selina soon finds herself surrounded by friends and foes alike at every twist and turn.

Show Times: Monday – Friday at 8:30pm (EAT)



If you’re looking for the perfect Kenyan TV shows binge, then Maempress is the series for you! This fairly new TV show revolves around five women as they deal with life issues, as well as find ways to keep their friendship strong.

Show Times: Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm (EAT)


Churchill Show

Want some laughs to make staying at home a blast? Then be sure to tune in to Churchill show where some of Kenya’s best comedians are always ready to tickle your funny bone!

Show Times: Sunday at 8:00pm (EAT)



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