Acts of Kindness That Have Shaped The Coronavirus Lock Down

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Truth be told, there is looming uncertainty in being restricted indoors due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, that has become the new reality for many of us word over. The thought of pending bills, empty supermarket shelves, and dwindling supplies remain at the top people’s worries. However, the acts of kindness that have been witnessed only serve to show that sticking together is all humanity needs to survive in times of adversity.


In Kenya, Michael Munene, a landlord, asked his tenants not to pay rent for two months. This owing to the pre-existing financial constraints that have been made worse by the COVID-19. His exact words being, “When Coronavirus came to Kenya, life became unbearable and some of them could not afford to raise the rent early enough resorting to borrowing, that’s why I have decided not to charge them for the next two months.”

Corporates and organizations have also stepped up their efforts to cushion their employees from the effects of the COVID-19. In a memo dated 20th March 2020, Vitafoam a company that makes foam-based products in Kenya promised to send all its staff a care package containing foodstuff and other supplies to cushion them from the prevailing situation.


A memo by vitafoam promising to give their employees packages to cushion them from Covid19 effects (Kindness)

Courtesy: Twitter

Meanwhile, in Turkey well-wishers are leaving foodstuff and household supplies outside on footpaths for the less fortunate to consume during this period of restricted movement.

These are some of the acts of kindness that have shaped humanity in these times of COVID-19. Doesn’t this just light up your day?

Feature Image Courtesy: K106



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