How To Binge On Kenyan Content In The Time Of Coronavirus

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The show must go on. This is a rule that all content creators tend to follow regardless of what else is happening all around. With the threat of coronavirus hanging over the world and social distancing being followed as a rule, Kenyan content creators have been forced to find new ways of sharing their content. So if you want to binge on great Kenyan content, here are some of the ways you can do it while at home.


Streaming Platforms

Kenyan Content Coronavirus

Courtesy: Because You Said So


For many Kenyan content creators, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of events and refunding of tickets. This has been a big blow not only for the creators but also for the fans who were really looking forward to the event. For comedy lovers, Because You Said So may be cancelled but they’ll still be streaming the event live on April 4 at 8 pm for Kenyans at home. In addition, large gatherings such as concerts have been suspended in order to curb the spread of the virus. This has led to Kenyan singers, like Sauti Sol, using mediums like IG Live to hold concerts and share their music with people at home. Apart from IG Live, there are many Kenyan content creators on YouTube that you can check out.


Online Quizzes

Kenyan Content Coronavirus

Courtesy: Quiz Masters


Quiz nights held at various establishments have become a big part of the Nairobi entertainment scene in recent times. However, with COVID19 still a present threat in Kenya, many of these establishments have been closed and people advised to stay at home. Now Quiz Masters, the biggest Kenyan content creators when it comes to quizzes, have come up with a way to keep people playing while at home. They’ll be holding online quizzes every day from Monday to Friday at 8:40 pm where you may win some money, food vouchers and even bragging rights! In addition, they also have a daily online trivia game from Monday to Friday at 4:20 pm for fun  which you can play on Quizhub.



Now that you’re at home, this is the perfect time to catch up on some amazing Kenyan shows. You’ll have your pick whether you like drama, adventure, comedy and everything in between.


Featured Image Courtesy: Cord Cutters News 



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