Kenyan Ways To Keep Your Food Fresh For Longer When Stuck At Home

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With the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya, most people have been forced to buy their food in bulk. However, you may not be able to prepare it all before it goes bad and you have to buy more. So how can you keep your food fresh and save some money, even if you don’t have a fridge? Here are some Kenyan ways you can use to keep your food fresh for longer when stuck at home.


Use Airtight Containers

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You probably have a bunch of airtight containers lying around, which are one of the best Kenyan ways to keep food fresh. Storing your dry food stuff in airtight containers instead of in their original packaging will keep your food fresh for longer. You can also add a bay leaf in the container as the scent of it will keep weevils at bay.


Store Apples and Potatoes Together

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This may sound crazy, but putting these two together will keep the potatoes fresh for weeks longer. This is because of the ethylene gas produced by apples. Waru bae, right?


Onions and Tights

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Don’t throw away your pair of old tights! Use them to store your onions and keep your food fresh for longer. Tie a knot between each onion and hang them in a cool dry place.


Remove The Roots From Root Vegetables

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The green part may look good, but it actually sucks nutrients from the rest of the vegetable and makes it dry up faster. If you want to keep your root vegetables fresh for longer, the trick is to chop it off.


Make an Herb Bouquet

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Kenyan markets sell herbs at very affordable prices, and you’ve probably bought some in  bulk. One of the best ways o keep your herbs fresh for longer and make sure that they don’t dry up too quickly is by treating them like flowers. Just tie them in a bunch and put them in a glass of water with a plastic bag on top.


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