Here’s Smart Ways To Stock Up During Self-Quarantine Period

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Are you having trouble wondering what and what you will need to stock up in case of a possible lockdown? Well, here is a complete list of everything you might need and where to get it within Nairobi.

Let’s start with foodstuff:

Dry Foods

A photo of dried foods you should stock up on

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These kinds of foods have a long shelf life owing to their dry nature. They are ideal to have at such a time of lockdown. These foods do not need refrigeration. These foods include rice, spaghetti,  pasta, flour, maize mill, beans, green grams, powder milk, long-life milk which has up to 5 months expiry, breakfast cereals, noodles, etc. You can get these supplies from your local cereal shop or supermarket outlets.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen Supplies That You Should Stock Up On

Courtesy: Nutrition Studies

These are supplies that enable easy day to day food preparation in the kitchen. They include salt, sugar, bottled dry spices, ketchup ( Has 12 months expiry), cooking oil, water both for drinking & cooking or alternatively you could use water disinfectant. You can get these supplies from your local supermarket outlets.

Supplies For The Freezer

Frozen Food To Stock Up On

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For supplies that need to be frozen, it is imperative that we focus on fruits and vegetables that can be flash-frozen at peak freshness. Such supplies retain most of their nutrients. They include peas, green beans, spinach, sukuma wiki, broccoli, berries, and mangoes. You can also stock up on meat products to supplement your diet with vital nutrients during the lockdown period. Here are places you can buy meat online and here is where you can buy fresh groceries online.


Medication You Should Stock Up On

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It is also vital that we certain kinds of medication on stand by due to any unforeseen situations. Here is a couple of medication that we should have on standby: paracetamol, anti-diarrhoea medicines, inhalers, other meds for specific conditions like gout, blood pressure, diabetes, etc, menstruation pain meds. It is also important to have a functioning first aid kit during this period. Remember to keep these medicines away from the reach of children.

General Sanitation and Hygiene Products

Sanitation Products To Stock Up On

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As it stands general domestic and body hygiene are one of the surest ways to avoid contracting COVID-19. Here are some of the sanitary supplies that you will need to stock up on sanitary towels, vinegar, bleach, methylated spirit, gloves, soap, and sanitizers. These products are available at as well as local retailers and supermarkets.

Domestic Energy and Lighting

Domstic Energy You Should Stock Up On

Courtesy: Global Energy Facility

As part of stocking up in preparation for the lockdown, here are some of the fundamental items to consider when it comes to lighting and energy; have extra prepaid electricity units, have cooking gas, alternative energy sources apart from cooking gas like a jiko and some charcoal, have a functional torch (chargeable elec or solar), have enough batteries to power your devices, candles, matches & lighters and have your car at full tank.

It is also important to have mobile airtime, a working wifi connection, some money in hard cash, some money on your mobile wallet and some on your debit/credit card. Also, remember not to panic-buy; give the system time to replenish stocks on supermarket shelves.

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