Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans To Enjoy At Home

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The world of entertainment has really changed over the last few years. Gone are the days when Kenyans had to wait for months to see a just released movie or series. With the rise of streaming platforms, everyone in the world can watch the same thing at the same time. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a device to watch on. Now that you’re home because of the coronavirus pandemic, these are some  of the most popular streaming platforms in Kenya that you can enjoy. 



What To Watch: Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans


Arguably one of the best streaming platforms out there, Netflix has redefined all the online TV possibilities. It has a wide selection of the world’s best TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original Netflix content. You can Netflix and chill from approximately KES 1000 per month and stream ad free content anywhere on any internet enabled device. One Netflix account can even be connected to multiple users without it affecting anyone. Netflix also offers you a free 30-day trial period.



What To Watch: Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans


This is one of the best streaming platforms in Kenya that allows you to watch the best of local and international entertainment from anywhere. Showmax content is uploaded weekly and you can stream your favorites on your TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also download up to 25 episodes to watch later without data. The app offers you the option of high, medium or low streaming qualities so that you can save on data. You can also check the Showmax data calculator beforehand which gives you an estimate on the data you may use. There’s a 14-day free trial period after which you can choose to subscribe or not. A standard Showmax subscription costs KES 750 per month, and you even have an option to pay via M-Pesa. 



What To Watch: Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans


This is a Kenyan Video on Demand platform that lets you stream music and Kenyan content in English, Swahili and vernacular. It is relatively cheap, with options to pay for daily, weekly and monthly unlimited access starting from KES 10. You can watch our favourite shows anywhere and at any time on the app.


DStv Now

What To Watch: Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans

This streaming platform is only available to Kenyans who are premium DStv subscribers. Watch your favourite series, movies and sports on the go with Live TV. You can also use DStv Catch Up to download and watch them offline later. The app also has a DStv Kids feature, which allows you to control what your children watch using a PIN.



What To Watch: Top Streaming Platforms For Kenyans


This is one of the world’s leading streaming platforms that covers entertainment from all over the world. You can stream unlimited movies, series, sports, documentaries and everything in between for KES 260 a month. You’ll also have access to original Iflix content on your TV, mobile devices, computers and tablets. In addition, Iflix enables you to download and watch anything offline for up to 30 days.


‘The Illegals’

Sreaming Platforms Kenya


If you still want to watch your favorite shows but don’t want to pay, some free streaming platforms you can try out include, 123movies, PutLocker TV and Stremio. Expect a lot of poor quality videos and annoying ads, though!


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