Online Grocery Shops That Deliver Within Nairobi

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With the government employing curfew as the newest way to curb the spread of COVID-19. We may have to channel our attention to the use of online grocery delivery businesses to sustain us during this period.

Here are places where you can order your groceries within Nairobi:


1. Zucchini Greengrocers Limited

A Photo of Zucchinni Grocery Store

Courtesy: One2one

This online shop specializes in fruits, vegetables, salad packs, an array of dairy products, nuts, canned foods, and select pastries.

Contacts: 0702 464646



2. Herdy Fresh

A Picture Of A Product At Herdy


This shop located on Ngong Road specializes in selling fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, seafood and groceries. Now you know where to order flowers ey?

Contacts: +254 733 709 971



3. Kalimoni Greens


This online grocery shop offers fresh greens, fruits, freshly squeezed juices, free farm range chicken, a variety of exotic spices and dairy products. While shopping at Kalimoni groceries, you might want to try out their prime fruit basket.

Contacts: 0708 278273



4.  Verdura Groceries

A photo taken at Verdura grocery store

Courtesy: Facebook

This online shop supplies and delivers nearly all types of vegetables, groceries, dairy products, an array of different meat products, and fruits. They deliver across all of Nairobi.

Contacts: 0721 54 82 04/0720 096 722



5. The Corner Shop


The specialty of this online shop is fruits, meat products, spices, and vegetables. This shop delivers within a 12-kilometer range around Diamond Plaza and Yaya Centre.

Contacts: 020 3750662, 0739 947451, 0722891937, 020 2712268/9, 0720 753629



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