Video Conferencing Tips For Kenyans Working From Home

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You might have seen this video conferencing ‘call’ between Kenyans working from home doing the rounds on social media and it looked really familiar:


It is highly likely that you’re working from home as you read this. Following a government directive for Kenyans to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have closed up their physical offices. However, business must go on which has led to the rise of video conferencing for Kenyans working at home. This may be quite a challenge for many Kenyans who are not used to this. Here are some simple video conferencing tips that will make you a pro in no time.


Do A Video Conferencing Test Drive

What’s the one thing that all Kenyans have complained about at some point? A bad internet connection. With video conferencing, this is one thing that you cannot afford to get wrong. Otherwise you risk being cut of from the meeting and not getting your points across. To minimize the risk of this, do a test drive of the call before it actually begins. In addition, you can even log in to the video call much earlier so as to test how strong your internet connection is. It will also allow you to check on your lighting and know where to best take your video call.


Prepare Your Video Conferencing Space

While video conferencing is a great option for Kenyans working from home during this coronavirus period, it also offers a tiny window into your life. Specifically, your home and anything in the background. If you don’t want anyone seeing your dirty clothes or dishes, you need to create a specific spot in the house where you take your video calls. This will also allow you to minimize any distractions, as well as other people in the house butting in to your conversation.



Take Care Of How You Look

Lets be honest. Working from home can sometimes be much easier, and many Kenyans take it as a vacation. That is why you are likely to not care so much how you look on that video conferencing call. However, your boss, co-workers and anyone you need to impress will be watching. This is not the time to wear the same shirt daily or not wear pants just in case you need to stand up during the call. Instead, put some effort into your appearance at least until the call is over. If you’re not sure what to wear, just dress as if you’re actually going into work.


Make Sure That You End The Call Properly

Has this ever happened to you? Say you were on a call and it ended so you did or said something the other person shouldn’t hear and forgot that you hadn’t pressed the end call button. Embarrassing, isn’t it? With video calls, it’s even worse because so many people can see it. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, make sure that you actually end the call before you start doing something risky, like dancing around the house.


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