What To Consider Before Getting A Netflix Subscription In Nairobi

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Netflix is a worldwide subscription based streaming service with an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, original content and much more. It was first launched in Kenya in 2016 and it was a breath of fresh air for Kenyan consumers looking for entertainment. After a few years, and the introduction of other streaming platforms in Kenya, is a Netflix subscription still worth it? Here’s what you need to consider.


Access to your account

In the age of online scammers, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful on the Internet. Your Netflix subscription is protected by a password, and you have to sign in to gain access. Netflix also allows you to be able to switch your account from the Netflix app your phone to the web at netflix.com on your desktop computer.


What To Consider Before Getting A Netflix Subscription

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There are three monthly payment plans for your Netflix subscription that you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. The basic plan goes for approximately Kshs 830 with unlimited movies and series and no HD. The standard plan goes for approximately Kshs 1040 and comes with HD quality unlimited streaming. The best Netflix subscription plan is premium at approximately Kshs 1245 and comes with full HD, as well as Ultra HD capabilities. In addition, Netflix also offers you a 30-day free trial period that you can cancel anytime before it ends with no extra charges.


Ease of use

As long as you have Internet, Netflix allows you to watch your favorite shows anywhere at any time. Some of the devices you can use include TVs, smart phones, computers, tablets and gaming consoles. You can use the web version or get the Netflix app which allows you to download shows and watch offline later.


What To Consider Before Getting A Netflix Subscription

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Number of users

The number of users that can use one Netflix account depends on the Netflix subscription paid for. The basic plan limits you to one screen at a time. The standard plan allows you to use two screens at the same time. The premium plan lets you use four screens at the same time.


Available content

While Netflix in Kenya has a lot of streaming content, it is very limited as compared to content for the US market. This is mostly because issues with distribution and syndication mean that Netflix Kenya is not allowed access to a lot of content. This means that the average Kenyan consumer will definitely miss some great shows.



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