Where To Get Frozen Meat Food Delivery In Nairobi

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For most Nairobians, a constant on their menu is meat because of how versatile it is and how good it makes food taste. However, with the social distancing measures now in place in Nairobi, it is not safe to go outside unnecessarily. In addition, many people will look for meat bulk buying options and that’s where frozen meat comes in. If you’re wondering where to get frozen meat, here are the food delivery places you’ll get it in Nairobi.



Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Greenspoon


Greenspoon is an online food delivery company in Nairobi that is all about delivering quality artisan food directly to consumers. They source their meat directly from farmers all over Kenya, which is then fresh-frozen to lock in all the nutrients.

Contacts: +254 727 444 777
Email: [email protected]

Delivery options: KES 2,000 minimum spend – delivery, less than KES 2,000 – collect from depot, KES 10,000+ spend – free delivery


Kamundia Butchery

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Gadgets-Africa


Apart from just the regular meat choices, Kamundia Butchery offers you other options including marinated meat cuts and aged beef. Meat is frozen a day in advance upon request to retain its flavor and nutrients.

Location: City Market store no. 55, Ground Floor, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 707 700 511 +254 719 761 189

Email: [email protected]

Delivery options: Home and office delivery available


Herdy Fresh

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Herdy Fresh


If you’re looking for great prices, interesting frozen meat selections and quick delivery, then Herdy Fresh is the best option for you! You’ll also earn rewards on each order which you can redeem at your convenience.

Location: Bishop Magua Centre, Nairobi

Contacts: 0733 709971

Delivery options: Free delivery on your first order, KES 100 thereafter (order by 2pm for same day delivery)


Nyama ChapChap

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Nyama ChapChap


Nyama ChapChap is on a mission to create a seamless process between farmer, producers and consumers of meat. They deliver farm-to-table meat and meat products to customers within Nairobi at your convenience.

Location: Kasarani Mwiki Road, Nairobi

Contacts: 0742 030 244

Email: [email protected]

Delivery options: Free Delivery on orders within Nairobi above 2kg


Butcher & Sauce

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Butcher & Sauce


This is where you can get some of the best frozen meat cuts in Nairobi, as well as the sauces used to best prepare them. You also have the option for delivery or picking up your order at the Butcher & Sauce physical location.

Location: Lexo Filling Station, Ngong Road

Contacts: 0795 999555

Email: [email protected]

Delivery options: Home delivery available


Nyama Tamu

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Nyama Tamu


Nyama Tamu is an online meat shop that only sells Halal certified meat types. This is where you can get frozen meat food delivery of your favorite cuts of organic meat and seafood.

Contacts: 0737 877 951

Delivery options: Free delivery on first order of at least 2kgs of goat/lamb meat


Zulu Meats Butchery

Frozen Meat Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Zulu Meats


If you’re looking for mutura delivery in Nairobi, then you’ll find it at Zulu Meats Butchery. You can get some choma , and different cuts of meat.

Location: Muthiga along Waiyaki Way

Contacts: 0721 575 651, 0732 929 362

Delivery: KES 300, minimum order 3kg or KES 900 equivalent




Featured Image Courtesy: Nyama Chap Chap



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